Waiver & Rules

  1. Players must be 18 Years old, or with a legal guardian signature (Everyone must sign the waiver).
  2. Recommended height is 5′ and above
  3. Players must remove all jewelry and empty all pockets of all objects (i.e. keys, phones, before playing as they can damage the bubble and, as a result, compromise player safety).
  4. No contact should be permitted when a player is on the ground. Players need to return to standing position and have regained full balance before contact can resume.
  5. Forceful contact with players not near the ball (and therefore not expecting contact) should not be permitted.
  6. No contact should be permitted when the other player has his/her back to you. So no cheap shots.
  7. One or more players launching from the ground onto another player should never be permitted.
  8. No one should be permitted on the playing field unless wearing a bubble suit. Spectators should be kept at a distance to avoid contact on the sidelines with a player in a bubble.
  9. Indoor field lines should be marked with cones or other visible markers with wide margins along bleachers and walls. Players crashing into such immovable obstacles are at increased risk of injury.  A good rule of thumb is no contact when players are near the field markers.
  10. Make sure that straps fit, and make sure your head does not stick out of bubble ball.
  11. Cleats are not allowed as they can damage the bubble suits.
  12. Pay attention to the size difference when hitting smaller players.
  13. Have a blast.

Download the Bubble Bump Waiver here